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ALP PLASTIC EGGCRATE LOUVER Other Plastics Engineering


With the proliferation of desktop computers in today's workplace the reduction of glare off monitors has become paramount. Employee comfort is of utmost important and plays a big part in increased productivity. The solution to the problem of computer glare is the ALP series of parabolic louvers. It was specifically designed to reduce eyestrain without compromising light levels. ALP Louvers are offered in a variety of designs and finishes ranging from economical plastic eggcrate to high-end, eye-catching specular Silver Parabolic Louver.

ALP Louver is a small cell low brightness parabolic louver. The small scale of the louver pattern is equally comfortable in any interior space. It is normally used in
* Office tack area
* Elevators
* Conference Rooms
* Corridors
* Auditorium
* Department Stores
* Bank...etc

These louvers provide 35 degree shielding with a louver efficieny of not less than 51%. ALP Louvers are manufactured as a one piece injection molded of polystyrene or acrylic with all parabolic surfaces prepared with primary undercoat and a highly seculars vacuum metalized finish. The louver panels are designed to fit any standard size: 603mm X 1212mm 

Non-parabolic plastic louvers are very economical solution to many lighting and luminous ceiling applications. These louvers are molded in polystyrene or acrylic material. The white panels are translucent and provide uniform illumination throughtout the entire surface. open cell design allows the light to be transmitted to the working area while reducing glare; in addition, these louvers allows nearly unobstructed air movement, which will increase the bulb and ballast longevity throught more efficient heat dissipation. The eggcrate louver is approved for use under sprinkler systems and can be used in lighting fixture and luminous ceiling application. The eggcrate product is an efficient and economical light control device, which will reduce glare and provide effective lighting. 

Size available : 603mm X 1212mm X 3/8'' thick
603mm X 1212mm X 1/2'' thick

**Other sizes, thickness or colours can be produced with minimum order quantity and is subjected to manufacturer's terms and conditions
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