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Crocus Sanding Sheets

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Crocus Sanding Sheets Abrading & Polishing McMaster-Carr

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About Sanding Abrasives


Sanding abrasives are either coated abrasives, which have a layer of abrasive grains applied to a paper, fiber, or cloth backing; or nylon mesh abrasives, which have mesh embedded with abrasive grains. Both come in a variety of forms and create a range of finishes.


Low grit numbers leave a rough finish and a dull appearance, mid-range grit numbers leave a smooth to extra-smooth finish and a brushed or matte appearance, and high grit numbers leave a polished finish and a satin or mirrored appearance. Diamond is very hard and does not break down like most abrasives, so it leaves a rougher finish than other abrasive grains of the same grit. Coated abrasives are generally used for grinding, blending, deburring, finishing, and polishing. Nylon mesh abrasives are good for light smoothing, cleaning, and polishing.


The soft abrasive is similar to 1500-2000 grit and good for fine hand-polishing of soft nonferrous metals. Also known as crocus cloth.                
      9" × 11"
        Small Pack Large Pack
For Use On Abrasive Abrasive Sanding Pkg.   Pkg. Pkg.  
Material Backing Material Properties Qty. Qty.
For Polished Finish
Steel, Wood Crocus Cloth Tear Resistant 5 4672A65 $11.50 50 4672A5

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